It must have been more than 100 times of me saying ‘today I will start writing for the blog’ and writing it down on (too) many homeless to-do lists, but the miracle finally happened today and hopefully people are still reading blogs when this will be launched!!!

My name is Irina and I’m the co-founder of Very Clean, the first 100% plant-based cleaning in Denmark and I am so excited to share with you more of what Very Clean has to offer.

First of all, let us introduce ourselves: Very Clean is a service cleaning company, based in Odense, Fyn and our expertise consists in recurrent cleaning visits designed for long lasting life-changing (more exactly life-giving) results. We develop and deliver 100% plant based cleaning experiences, with the intention to make people’s lives more simple. We like to describe ourselves as an extension of each family we are working with, taking care that everything around our clients’ homes is in proper hygiene & order standards (and yes, we set the bar for cleanliness very high).

So let’s start with the basics:

Why cleaning?

Because, first of all, cleaning is health. And because health = wealth.

Because a cluttered or/and a dirty home represents a major allergy risk and stress trigger. Science shows that unmanaged daily stress heightens our sense of anxiety, creates inflammation in the body, disrupts digestion and significantly decreases feelings of contentment and happiness. Luckily, also science has proved that a clean home equals a calm mind and outer order contributes to to inner calm. So this turned out to be a no brainer: elevate your home cleanliness and your whole life will flourish – according to Psychology Today, referencing this study.

Because people with clean homes are feeling better about themselves, are more productive and overall happier. Another research – Buying time promotes happiness – is emphasising that outsourcing daily tasks such as cleaning can tremendously enhance the level of life satisfaction.


Why plant-based cleaning?

Because it’s 2019 and everybody knows already that everything natural is safer for people, animals and (especially) the planet. What infants, toddlers and pets have in common is that they face continuous chemical exposures in similar ways – being close to the floor and putting their hands/paws and various household objects in their mouths far more often than the (boring responsible) adults do. And, as expected, the potential negative effects can be more impactful solely because their immune systems are still developing.

Because it’s chemical free, risk free and stress free. Plant based cleaning products smell like roses, lavender or lemon but in a subtle and gentle way. Forget about the strong and headache inducing perfumes because the natural scent usually comes from flower waters or from essential oils (which come also from the plant/flower itself). This means no more traces of artificial fragrances, toxic chemicals or harmful fumes.

Because the companies with a plant-based core are environmentally conscious, which means that their actions inflict minimal disruption to the natural environment.

Why recurrent cleaning?

Because we are huge advocates of the impact of habits, starting with the smallest things, including how clean your home is – regardless if you clean it or pay somebody else to do it for you. Habits shape your life far more than you realise – as a matter of fact more than 40% of our daily actions are habits. Even more than this with time habits grow stronger and become harder to change, so make sure you have the right ones. Or have a cup of coffee and plan for them.

Because we believe long lasting change has to be maintained and when we experience this type of sustained baseline happiness, amazing things begin to manifest in life.

Because anything recurrent becomes a lifestyle.

Why Very Clean?

Because *very* means we excel at what we do.
Because we work only with 100% plant based products.
Because we have real experience with the industry + we are big believers in the value of decluttering, organizing & cleaning.

Think about this blog as your go-to place when you’ll want to reinvent and freshen up your home through cleaning but because of different reasons you are not one of our customers.

Here we will talk about how to *really* clean and organise your home in ways that spark joy and that makes everything around sparkling clean, too.

Do you know know that fresh and clean feeling you just feel in your whole being?

That’s exactly what we are talking about!

We know that there are only a handful of people that actually enjoy cleaning, so we’ll try our best to make each blog post as easy and efficient as possible, room by room and task by task. Because we love order and structure. Our instincts to be methodical are very strong and we really like to be specific – the devil is in the details, right?! – and that applies both when we clean and when we just talk about cleaning. 

Set your home for new beginnings!
Are you ready?